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Rules and Regulations

In our mini-hotel we try to create a warm and welcoming environment for all our guests. Therefore, we developed a list of rules for our customers to maintain their safety, security and comfort.

Hotel check-out and check-in time is 12:00 am. Guests must vacate their rooms 11:30 am. If the guest plans to arrive earlier than 12:00 am (only in case of free rooms) and depart after 11:30 am, he must inform the administrator in advance and pay an additional fee in accordance with current price list.

Guests with confirmed booking are receiving higher priority; the remaining guests will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are free of charge and can be made over the telephone.

Room keys are available for guests after filling out a registration card and paying for accommodation.

The Administrator may refuse to accommodate guests who don’t have a passport or an equivalent document with them; guests who are in a state of extreme intoxication; in case the absence of the room payment in the necessary amount, and if the guest refuses to comply with the rules of Mini Hotel.

When a guest leaves the hotel, hotel keys must be deposited at the reception. Lost keys and Mini Hotel’s property damage or loss will be charged according to the "Price list for damage to hotel property."

Guests are to observe nighttime peace and quiet and to avoid loud talk and laughter in the period from 10.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. It is PROHIBITED to turn audio systems and TVs on high volume.

Administrator of Mini Hotel has the right to terminate the contract of hotel service with the customer in case of violation of Hotel Rules and Regulations. When leaving the customer is obliged to pay services actually rendered to him.

Mini-hotel offers the following services free of charge:

  • iron / ironing board;
  • a hairdryer;
  • crockery/cutlery;
  • needles and thread;
  • taxi;
  • first aid kit;
  • call for ambulance assistance;

Administration of Mini Hotel is not responsible for the preservation of the documents, money, valuables, and jewelry, left in the room.

In case of necessity and / or in violation of these rules by guests from neighboring rooms, please contact Administrator.Enjoy your stay at "Rendezvous" mini-hotels!